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The gentlest cup of tea can be a potent remedy for body, mind and spirit

LITTLEBIRD TEAPOTHECARY, founded by Deborah Littlebird, offers curated tea experiences for creating sanctuary on the ground right beneath your feet. Deborah shares her passion for plant medicine and wildcrafting "small batch" medicinal herbs emboldening others in backyard herbalism to create one's own kitchen cupboard apothecary. 


Why Tea?

The name Teapothecary (Tea + Apothecary) emerged as my herbal journey led me to creating herbal remedies through the healing benefits of drinking medicinal teas.


My goal is to provide nutrient dense herbal tea formulas for building a more robust healthy immune system.  I handcraft medicinal tea tonics in small batches to keep the plant's vibrancy and the herbs in my apothecary are wildcrafted from local gardens, regional mountains and fields or sourced through reputable herb companies. My emphasis is on sustainable herbalism and I incorporate the documented herbal wisdom of traditional herbalists and the age-old practices of indigenous people I have been blessed to learn from. 

My tea formulas focus on key integrated areas of the whole body’s system and target disease prevention versus treating individual symptoms. Drinking daily tea tonics is similar to the benefits of toning our body with daily exercise. By consistently nourishing our body, mind and spirit with medicinal herbs over time one can realize an overall sense of well-being and regenerative health.  Read Tea Blog post



I am inspired to educate people on the benefits of immune boosting herbs for rooted health and longevity especially where we find ourselves in this post pandemic shift. I offer programs about my top 20 essential herbs for making tea medicines that integrate wellness for the whole body. Experiential hands-on workshops focus on how to grow your own plant medicine garden, how to sustainably forage and wildcraft herbs in local fields and mountains and methods for properly drying and storing herbs for maximum potency.  My goal is to embolden others to create one's own tea apothecary gaining knowledge and access to immune boosting tonics and medicinal remedies right at home.

Come home to yourself in the shelter of tea

Deborah Littlebird curates tea sanctuaries in wild landscapes and sacred spaces to inspire others to create their own tea sanctuary on the ground right beneath their feet.


When you enter into tea as a daily practice and give yourself time out of time for stillness and rest you release stress. This balances cortisol levels resulting in a stronger immune system. Discover that nuanced heart spot in your home or your garden or in nature. Enter joyfully into a meditative tea making-imbibing ritual and feel your mind quiet as you become present in the moment. As you slowly savor your tea infusion allow your body to soften and relax as you drink in the essence of beauty through all of your senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing and intuitive sensing.

May you be blessed on your path of tea. And may you discover your own secret tabernacle and gather beauty to you.

Deborah Littlebird

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