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Come Home to Yourself in the Shelter of Tea

Join us for a contemplative walk in the beautiful New Mexico high desert and mountains. Infuse your walk with a land tea sanctuary and share something
gathered in the heart - a new song, an old verse, a woven prayer.

Deborah Littlebird creates tea sanctuaries that weave together her art, faith and passion for wildcrafting plant medicines of the land.  These bespoke earthen thresholds invite us to come to ground in our daily lives for a time out of time -- to create sanctuary on the ground right beneath our feet.


Sometimes referred to as forest therapy or forest bathing, give yourself time out of the busyness and noise of your daily life to ground your senses with nature's rhythm. Sit quietly and listen to the voice in the land. Encounter the elementals of fire, wind, water and earth. Renew a quiet relationship with our plant kin, the winged ones, four leggeds and with each other.  Relish in beauty with a meditative tea sanctuary.

Hamaatsa wild land sanctuary

"Make a place for me from the crafting of natural things and it will be beautiful"

Arriving at a liminal cusp, we cross the borderlands of our soul - the ebb and flow of longing and belonging.  A voice in the land softly singing, reawakening our origins with God and all beings, gently guiding us on our earth journey and the art of coming home.

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